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HAMICO Baby Toothbrush, Sea Animals

HAMICO Baby Toothbrush, Sea Animals

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Everything a baby does during their infant years is part of their developmental process - the process of brushing their teeth should be as well! The HAMICO Baby Toothbrush is designed specifically for baby

DENTIST DESIGNED HAMICO's dentist-designed wide-handle baby toothbrush not only allows baby to learn to grasp a toothbrush on their own, but also prevents overreach of the brush into baby's mouth, keeping them safe and able to learn the brushing motion. The wide, flat handle allows for excellent control, and rounded bristles remove food and plaque easily with gentle brushing.

FEATURES & BENEFITS The brush head and soft bristles of our Baby Toothbrush specifically take into account that baby's mouth will have more gum area than teeth and is actively growing new teeth every day. The neck length of our toothbrush is designed specifically to reach baby's back teeth, while the rounded bristles softly brush baby's delicate gums and newly broken in teeth.
SAFETY FIRST All of our toothbrushes are dentist-designed and BPA free, and come with both ergonomic handles and innovative bristle technology. Our infant toothbrush is a painless and fun way to establish good oral hygiene, right from the start!
WHY HAMICO Born out of a concern for infant dental care and habits, HAMICO founder, Ms. Yuko Sato wanted toothbrushes designed around a baby's size, growth pattern and habit development. Having a toothbrush that's safe to use on their own, in fun and bright colors, allow children to develop their daily routine more easily - setting them up for a lifetime of good habits!

How to Use

  1. Let the baby hold and play with the HAMICO toothbrush to become familiar with the idea of brushing. 
  2. Help guide the brush gently between your baby's teeth and gums at a 90 degree angle.
  3. Brush softly to prevent damage to delicate gums.
  4. After brushing, clean thoroughly with water and dry. ​


  • Do not chew. Children under 4 need adult supervision while brushing.
  • Replace toothbrush every month for effective and sanitary brushing.

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