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La Millou Toddler Cotton Bedding Set - Unicorn Sugar Bebe

La Millou Toddler Cotton Bedding Set - Unicorn Sugar Bebe

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"Made of our highest quality cotton, this unique set includes a very light, soft quilt and flat, safe-for-your-child pillow.
A light filling of hypoallergenic polyester, providing the right temperature, oxygen, and moisture, will guarantee that your child sleeps in comfort.

We promote ""ready to use"": that is, with sewn-in filling so that it can be washed in the washing machine without compromising on quality, yielding pure cleanliness, very important for allergy sufferers.

Currently, the market is dominated by sheets, duvets, and pillowcases that can be bought separately - we want to change that and encourage you to wash a whole quilt and pillow, not only the sheets.

The product is handmade with the greatest precision, using the best-quality materials.
Packed in a La Millou linen bag and decorated with a heart tag, it is a stylish gift for a baby shower, birthday, or any other celebratory occasion.

Size: pillow 16in x 24in, quilt 40in x 53in
Manufactured and designed in Poland, Europe."