Kashwére has gone Textured! We have taken our exclusive Kashwére yarn and woven it into a lush Mini Cable Knit texture while maintaining the same warmth and care to provide durability and stylish good looks. Comes in Solid or a Heather two-tone.

Kashwére makes it possible to get the luxuriously soft feel of cashmere at uncashmere like prices. Kashwére offers you a wonderful alternative to cashmere and cottons as it won't shrink, pill or wrinkle and is easy to maintain. Only you will know...it's not cashmere!

  • 52" x 70"
  • Made from 100% Kashwére exclusive chenille yarn.
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry on medium with like colors.
  • Do not iron or bleach.
  • Kashwére reacts with dryer's heat to return to its original softness.

** Kashwére products are not eligible for shipments to Japan

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