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MIMA Xari Complete Stroller, Limited Edition - Rebel - Orange-Black

MIMA Xari Complete Stroller, Limited Edition - Rebel - Orange-Black

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The new edition of Xari Rebel Orange is ideal for the little rock star in your life. The beautiful finish of the Black Chassis is achieved using an advanced process that allows to experience the adventure in Orange. Perforated black fabrics are accentuated by bright orange leatherette details reminiscent of only the coolest and sleekest fashion and leisure products. 

The bold looks, exclusive accessories, superior engineering and innovative design features of the Mima Xari Rebel Orange combine to offer the smoothest, most stylish and supported ride for your little one. Rock on!

This Bundle includes:

  1. Rebel Matte Black Chassis with Orange detailing and Black Wheels.
  2. Rebel Seat Box: Black Seat Unit + Carrycot inside, Black Canopy lined in Orange, Black Apron, Black Basket Covers and Black Handlebar Sleeves with Orange detail.
  3. Exclusive Rebel Orange Starter Pack: Seat Pads, Bassinet Apron Flaps and Mattresses all in Orange.
  4. Exclusive Accessories: Patterned Black and Orange Parasol + Clip, Rebel Trendy Changing Bag, Rain Cover and Black Footrest Protector.

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